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Hey there!

My name is Sara Gray and I live in the Bay Area, not too far from San Francisco. I was happily dragged into the joys of photography by my teenaged son, Taylor (that’s the kid and me!). His own passion for it bloomed overnight, it seemed, and suddenly he was in need of TaxiMom (that would be me!) to take him to all his researched destinations. Well, I was not going to sit on the sidelines! Thus, we have spent the last year and a half, thoroughly exploring the City, the beaches, under bridges, inside tunnels and all over natural parks.

We've chased sunsets, gotten up before the crack of dawn to catch the sunrise, jumped fences to get inside abandoned buildings (hmmm… there were a few times I questioned my parenting judgement!), crawled up rocky cliffs on the beach, climbed down steep hillsides to get to forbidden places and had more adventures than I could have imagined at this time of my life. And to be able to share it with Taylor has been a blessing, a gift and a complete joy.

Since then, I have turned my passion into a business and offer up my services as part of what I do - Visual Design. For more information about my work, please feel free to visit my online portfolio. Sara Gray Creative Portfolio

Here is my photographic journey - I am grateful to share it with you.


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